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Most of the time, whenever people hear something about home systems or appliances that are said to be solar-powered, they immediately get discouraged in availing of them. Why? Well, the main reason is that solar-powered systems are intended to be much costlier. This however is just half a truth. Yes, solar-powered units are undeniably more expensive. But that only applies to the purchasing and installation costs, because if we’ll talk about the long-term costing, you’d realize that all those costly charges are just worth it. Once the installation is done, it’s safe to say that you are almost getting your energy supply for free! Plus, it has lower operational and maintenance costs.
One of these solar-powered home appliances is a solar hot water system. Just like how all the other systems, this one also uses renewable energy, which is the heat from the sun, in order to perform water heating. This is reported to be the most cost-effective, green, and energy-saving type of water heater. However, there are several matters to consider first if you’re planning on having a solar hot water system installed in your home. One of these is the state of your roof. Is it tough enough to securely withstand all the installation work and support both the live load of the installation staff and the dead load of the solar panels? Are there no future repairs needed to be done with your roof? Does it have enough unshaded area?

Nevertheless, in order to maximize the benefits and advantages of a solar hot water system and to avoid property damages due to improper installation, it definitely requires to be processed by licensed experts. SW Plumbing and Gas Repairs will help you with that. Our

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