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Several Causes of Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is the worst plumbing issue you could ever encounter in your whole homeowner’s life. Why? Because in just a matter of seconds, you could be immediately facing massive flood in your home. This flooding could then lead to a domino effect of structural damages to your household– from the drywalls to the flooring, and to the full structure as a whole. Aside from the stress this unfortunate scenario could bring, this also means that an enormous amount of money is about to be cut from your budget for the overall repairs and replacements of the damaged household fixtures. And no one would ever want that happening to them, right? That’s why it’s extremely important to always have an on-call plumbing services company that you can rely on. SW Plumbing and Gas Repairs values its customers’ trust and satisfaction at all times.

When your home is being built, plumbers are set to install a series of pipes along the walls, the ceilings, and underneath your home. These pipes are the ones that carry around the water to be used for your regular daily water consumption. They are mounted in their corresponding places in order to transfer water to your bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, etc. Aside from the pipeline that carries the freshwater in, another streamline is also installed in your home which is meant to draw all the wastewater and sewage out. These subsystems of pipes transport a substantial amount of fresh and waste water in and out of your home, that’s why the breakage of these channels could mean a load of trouble for you and your family.

Disintegration due to aging

In order to avoid an in-house flooding nightmare, the first thing to do when your pipes go broken is to immediately shut the main water valve off. That way, you could quickly stop the flow of water, minimizing the damaging effects your burst pipe could possibly bring to your home.

Freezing Temperature

There are several causes of a burst pipe. One is the freezing temperature the pipes are possibly being exposed to. There are some cases where a portion of a pipe extends beyond the surface of your backyard, baring it to a continuous temperature fluctuation. This temperature instability results in ice expansion and contraction which then produces an excessive amount of pressure..

Pressure Build-up

This pressure builds up as time goes by and ultimately, when the inner walls of the pipes can no longer bear the immense stress it is being put through, these pipes break or burst causing colossal plumbing damages

Improper Installation of Piping System

Invasive Tree Roots and Shifting of the Ground

There are also natural reasons as to why pipes get ruptured. It could be because of the normal degradation of the pipes due to the inevitable aging of the material. It could also be caused by the shifting of the ground and aggressive tree roots. But no matter the reason is, the endpoint of all of this is for you to know that there is always a plumbing services company you can count on – the SW Plumbing and Gas Repairs. With the help of our friendly experts, you can always rest your worries about your plumbing issues away, because our team will surely help you with anything you need at cost-friendly prices. Never let your burst pipes cause you and your family a lot more home troubles. Get in touch with us now. (We also offer free estimates!)