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Troubles Brought by Blocked Sewers

You certainly wouldn’t want a sewer blockage ruining your day. A blocked sewer can cause all sorts of household issues if not immediately taken care of. It could also slow your day down by meddling with your daily routine as it leaves behind a lot of messy residues even after all the repairs and upkeeps done with it. Aside from that, a clogged sewer could lead to severe property damage and serious health hazards that could gravely harm your family, that’s why it’s also considered a plumbing emergency. That’s why if you’ve got one, you’d definitely want it fixed quickly by experts who know their way around every loop and turns involved with sewers. SW Plumbing and Gas Repairs is just exactly that. Our team consists of specially trained experts who treat every plumbing problem as a topmost priority at all times.

Your sewage line is a series of interconnected pipes usually found underneath the street starting from your home all the way to the municipal sewer. Its main function is to carry all the wastewater and sewage away from your home. A sewer obstruction is a state where your sewer line is partly or completely blocked by dirt, debris, or sludge build-up. When your sewer is clogged, it essentially means that sewage and wastewater get a really hard time passing through those pipes.
There are actually several red flags you could watch for in order for you to tell if your sewer line is truly blocked. Usually, sewer obstruction begins with trickling sounds arising from your plumbing fixtures like sinks, drains, toilets, basins, and showers. Also, if you notice that these plumbing fixtures evidently drain slowly and always remain chock-full, that sometimes water spills out of them, that’s when you know you’re going to need the help of the SW Plumbing and Gas Repairs team.

Quite the opposite to what most homeowners think, that blocked sewers are usually caused by the last single big lump that has gone down the pipe, clogged sewers are actually often caused by the build-up of dirt, sludge, grease, and small debris passing through the pipeline. The accumulation of these particles eventually gets bigger and bigger until it totally clogs the pipe blocking the passageway of your home’s sewage. And when this happens, it could then easily result in the bursting of the pipe.

Leaves Unwanted Muck Behind

A sewer obstruction brings a lot of distress to every household that’s why homeowners consider it complete trouble that needs immediate action. Aside from leaving unwanted mucks behind, blocked sewers could also result in

Unpleasant Smell

Water Contamination


Pest Propagation

Structural Damages

Serious Negative Health Impacts

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